Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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CM3+ Compute Module

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Released, Offers Up To 32GB Flash Memory

The new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ has been released. It now offers flash storage up to 32GB, and a heat spreader to improve thermal conductivity.
Circuit board with pin plugs on it

How To Secure Loose Jumper Wires/Pin Plugs

Thus far, most of the pin plugs (jumper wires) that I have used for electrical engineering hobby projects have been loose and therefore unreliable. They slip off my development kits, my...
Texas Instruments RM57L Microcontroller

The Difference Between A Microcontroller And A Raspberry Pi

Single-board microcomputers such as the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black have made waves in recent years, and microcontrollers have firmly retained their place in electronic designs. Why? After all, the Raspberry...
Thunderboard Sense development kit.

Thunderboard Sense IoT Kit Review: IoT Inspiration In A Tiny Package

I received a Thunderboard Sense IoT inspiration kit from Silicon Labs, and despite concerns that i'd have a hard time getting started with it (since it's a recent model, which isn't...
Plug and play solar system - 120V power outlet view.

A Look At My Plug And Play Solar Module

I built a plug and play solar system concept that integrates the necessary inverter, charge controller, battery, 12 Volt solar input, 120 Volt power outlets, and transfer switch to make the installation of solar systems as easy, quick, and cheap as possible.

EFM32 Wonder Gecko Microcontroller Kit Review: A DIY Perspective

I recently got an EFM32 microcontroller development kit and tried it out for a couple of months. Here are my thoughts on how useful it is as a DIY tool.
The Uni-T UT139, a True RMS multimeter with 4000 counts.

Uni-T UT139B Multimeter Review: First Impressions

A review of the Uni-T UT139B true RMS digital multimeter.
EFM8UB1 starter kit (SLSTK2000A)

My First Impressions Of The Universal Bee Microcontroller Starter Kit (EFM8UB1)

I recently got my hands on the SLSTK2000A starter kit for the EFM8UB1 8 bit, low-power microcontroller. Here are my first impressions of it.