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The Smartplug Lets You Control Everything From Your Smartphone

I have been using a Kill A Watt P4480 energy use monitor/timer to monitor energy usage and to do other things, for example, I used it to program the washing machine to start automatically at a specified time. I also used it to program my mobile device chargers to charge for a few hours, then shut off, so the chargers don’t stay on and waste power. When I put the mobile device down, I just plugged the chargers into them, knowing the timer would take care of everything for me.

Zuli Smartplug App. Image obtained with thanks from Zuli's Kickstarter page.
Zuli Smartplug App. Image obtained with thanks from Zuli’s Kickstarter page.

Zuli has taken this clever technology to the next level…It can now be controlled remotely via smartphone! Zuli developed Smartplugs, which are devices that enable you to switch appliances on or off remotely from your iPhone, monitor power consumption, dim lights, and program them to switch on and off at specific times, or even based on whether or not you are in the room, all from your smartphone.

These devices are very intuitive, simple devices. All you need to do to use a Smartplug is plug it into the wall, then plug the device you want to control into it, and program the iPhone app to control it however you want to.

Also, according to their Kickstarter page (linked to below):

‘You can also set Zuli to turn off all devices when a room is unoccupied. No more double checking the house for lights your kids left on or trying to remember if the iron is still on. Zuli always watches your back to keep your home and loved ones safe and secure.’

Zuli has a Kickstarter campaign to fund this Smartplug project. So far, they have reached $98,909 of their $150,000 goal. You can get your very own Smartplug (or more), depending on the size of your donation.

Learn more on this project’s Kickstarter page, which is the source of this news.

I cannot verify the legitimacy of this project, therefore, it is up to you to analyse it carefully and decide whether or not you want to donate.

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