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Toyota Licenses Wireless Charging Technology

Toyota has licensed wireless charging technology for electric vehicles from WiTricity.

Wireless charging technology is usually touted because of the fact that owners don’t have to plug their cars in themselves. This is a very minor benefit compared to what these charging stations can offer.

Capabilities and Benefits of Wireless Charging Technology

  1. Wireless charging stations can charge your electric vehicle (or PHEV) automatically during rain, so you won’ have to handle the electrical cord in water (the cords are insulated, but, it is best to be on the safe side).
  2. Wireless charging stations can charge employees’ electric vehicles in their office buildings’ parking spaces, so they will have a full charge at the end of the work day, minus cords that would stretch from each car. A work day is long enough to fully charge the cars.
  3. If you forget to plug in your electric vehicle regularly, then wireless charging would be worth it, as it can automatically start charging your car as you park it.
  4. Wireless charging stations can be placed under manhole covers to top up EV batteries at stops, and recharge them considerably during traffic jams. Ubiquity of wireless charging stations could accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by eliminating range anxiety. Range anxiety is currently exacerbated by the lack of charging stations in most region. If people can at least recharge their vehicles, they can finally stop worrying about stranding. Instead of towing their cars, they could leave their vehicles plugged in and come back for them in a taxi.

“WiTricity’s mission is to make wireless charging available as widely as possible, and this announcement is a significant step toward accomplishing that mission,” said WiTricity CEO Eric Giler. “We envision a world in which wireless charging accelerates the adoption of clean, green electrified vehicles. To have Toyota, the world’s leading carmaker, licensing our intellectual property, underscores the importance of the technology.”

Toyota does intend to test wireless charging technology in some of its vehicles soon.

Source: Businesswire

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