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A Greener Insulation Has Been Developed Using Wood

The Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research has developed a non-toxic insulation using wood, which is renewable, instead of petrochemicals. They claimed that it insulates as well as traditional polymer-based foams.


The insulation.  Image obtained with thanks from Fraunhofer.
The insulation.
Image obtained with thanks from Fraunhofer.

“Our wood foam can be used in exactly the same way as conventional plastic spray foams, but is an entirely natural product made from sustainable raw materials,” says Professor Volker Thole of the WKI.

It was developed by grinding up wood into fine particles, and then filled with gas to form a frothy foam-like product, which is then force-hardened. “It’s a bit like baking, when the dough rises and becomes firm in the oven,” Professor Thole explains.

Source: Fraunhofer.

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