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Photographer Encounters Bug Tornado In Leziria Grande

Ana Filipa Scarpa was in Leziria Grande at Vila Franca de Xira in Portugal, and at dusk, she noticed what appeared to be a funnel cloud stretching from the sky to the ground (roughly 1,000 feet/305 metres long).

Insect tornado
The 1,000-foot bug tornado that Ana discovered in Leziria Grande.
Image obtained with thanks from Ana Filipa Scarpa.

It was almost a 1/4-mile away from her, but she realized that it wasn’t wind. It was alive. It comprised countless thousands of bugs. She said they may have been red locusts, while others said they were mosquitoes.

As Ana said: ‘It wasn’t even dangerous. However, it could be described as being voracious. It’s composed solely of insects. It’s not know for sure what kind of bugs makeup this swarm, but they may be red locusts. The swarm extended perhaps 1,000 ft (305 m). It was nearly a quarter of a mile (402 m) away from my position — I took it with a 200 mm lens. Perspective makes the leading edge of the swarm appear smaller and thus tapered. Photo taken at 6:25 p.m. March 9, 2014.’.

Imagine being bitten simultaneously by thousands of mosquitoes! Considering how voracious they are, that sounds like a very traumatizing, and even dangerous experience, as the combined venom of that quantity of bugs could be harmful.

Source: Epod.usra.edu

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