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Guess The New iPhone Technology Apple Invented

According to AppleInsider, Apple has patented a technology which could help you to find back your car in parking lots.

An iPhone 4S. iPhones may soon be able to help you find back your parking spot in the future.
An iPhone 4S. Image obtained with thanks from Matthew Pearce on Flickr.

Conveniently, this iPhone technology enables you to locate your parking space without a GPS signal or internet connection. This is certainly refreshing, coming from someone whose tablet becomes almost useless the moment his internet connection fails.

The iPhone technology uses the GPS capability of your iPhone to track your location. Once your vehicle is parked, you indicate that and the app records that as your parking space.

According to AppleInsider:

In lieu of GPS, the iPhone relies on onboard sensors to estimate with some accuracy the movement of a user. By combining sporadic GPS signal locks with accelerometer data, for example, an iPhone is able to “look forward” or “look backward” from a given point in time to deduce the location of a user proximate to their car.

Any number of techniques may be applied for tracking purposes, like motion data processing, time stamps, gyroscope data, pedometer data and more. Perhaps most applicable in driving and walking scenarios is the accelerometer, which can be used to determine motion, direction and speed over time.

This iPhone technology also has options such as ‘Add To Favourites’, ‘Share Car Location’, ‘Set Parking Alert’, ‘Update Car Location’, and last but not least: the address.

A Simple Parking Solution For The Interim

Technology can provide so many conveniences like these, but this invention raised the question: Why didn’t property owners just mark parking spaces on the walkway between or behind vehicles in the first place?

For example: There could be a section A, B, C, and D with their section letters marked somewhere appropriate, and then a number for each parking space.

So you would only have to remember C4, for example, when you leave the supermarket. It would be very straightforward. You could just walk straight to the C marker, and then down until you arrive at space 4.

This may not work on vast expanses of land with no parking lots as Apple’s invention can, but it is a good start.

Source: AppleInsider.

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