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Would You Recognize The LG G Watch R Is A Smartwatch?

LG has their Android-powered G Watch R on display at the IFA 2014 technology conference in Berlin, Germany, and it really looks just like a conventional analog watch in certain cases, with its 100% circular screen, and a traditional bezel.

Two of the LG G Watch R, side by side.
The LG G Watch R. Image obtained with thanks from LGEPR on Flickr.

The Motorola Moto 360 looks very much like a traditional watch as well, but they had to use the bottom of the face as a sensor, so it isn’t 100% round. While this isn’t a big deal, if you really must have authentic analog look, the LG G Watch R achieves that.

The fashion-conscious have been choosing analog watches because of their classic, accented design, and the glimmering jewelery-like appearance that certain models have, and smartwatches are usually square, and have a typical electronic appearance.

I don’t mind square watches at all. I like them, but everyone has their preferences, and it is good to see that there is now an option for everyone (at least, for those who can afford smartwatches, because they are awfully expensive).

According to Mashable:

‘The LG G Watch R also comes with a beautiful leather strap made of calfskin, although buyers will have other strap options when they buy.

The touchscreen is relatively responsive — again, more so than the Samsung Gear S — but it still has its hiccups; there were times the display lagged when swiping a finger to move from one notification page to another. It also needs to be wirelessly tethered to a smartphone, unlike the Gear S that has built-in 3G and works on its own.’

As is the case with the Moto 360, the LG G Watch R watch is functional. It enables you to conveniently swipe up through features such as the weather, your messages, flight data, you can ask it for directions, and more.

The LG G Watch R May Be Safe To Wear Outside

Apart from that, there is also a practical benefit of the effort to mimic traditional analog watches: People are victimized for their mobile electronics, more than anything else, by far!

Smartwatches have a high-tech and expensive appearance, which will attract thieves. To add insult to injury, they are on your arm all the time, so thieves will be sure that they can get something valuable if they attack you.

In other words, thieves may target you first since they will see your smartwatch instead of checking to see what other people may have.

Pricing for the LG G Watch R is not yet available.

Source: Mashable.

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