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Amazon Reveals A $99 Kindle Fire HD Tablet, And More

Every time Amazon releases a tablet, there is always either a big improvement in quality, a major price reduction, or both. Last year they released the $140 Kindle Fire HD, a $60 decrease from the previous $200 model released in 2012.

It actually has a faster CPU than the previous model (but it is faster overall, CPU speed is only one of many factors that affects performance). However, they omitted the HDMI port, microphone, and camera.

Amazon has now revealed three new Kindle Fire tablets, one of which is a 6 inch HD model for only $100, the others are the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition, and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch.

This is a sharp increase in the choices available. They started out with just one basic tablet in 2011: The Kindle Fire, that was $200 as well. They keep getting better.

If you want to wait for improved Amazon tablets in the future, check mid to late September every year.

The Cheapest Tablet: The $99 6 Inch Kindle Fire HD

The 6 inch Kindle Fire HD starts at $99 with 8 GB of storage or $119 for 16 GB, a front and rear-facing camera, and with ‘special offers’. The special offers options enables you to cut $15 off the price tag in exchange for advertisements displayed on the lock screen.

This is a good option to have, as they won’t get in the way while you’re using the tablet.

In Mashable’s comment section, someone said that 8 GB is useless. This won’t be a major issue if you delete what you no longer need or want.

This model comes with a quad-core 1.5 GHZ processor (two 1.5 GHZ cores, and two 1.2 GHZ cores), which is unusually powerful for a $99 tablet.

Amazon said that the device’s differing processor cores is for a technology that facilitates greater efficiency and load balancing. It has a reasonable screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels.

The impressively low Kindle Fire HD prices are made possible in part by the use of advertisements, and the integration of Amazon’s physical item, app, music, and video stores into the devices which makes purchases from Amazon very convenient, potentially leading to more purchases from Amazon.

Advertising has kept most of the Internet going for years by funding websites, and now it is funding hardware. Could this be the future of tablet PCs?

One day, phones and tablets might be free, or at least very cheap.

The Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition

We all know that children love tablets, but they drop their toys very often, and tablets are delicate electronic devices with glass screens.

A potential solution to that is the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition. It comes in 6 and 7 inch screen sizes, and a protective case designed just for children. The company offers a 2-year replacement guarantee.

They said that if your kids break it, they will replace it for free, ‘no questions asked’. The Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition starts at $149 for the 6 inch version, and $189 for the 7 inch version.

Cases really do make a world of a difference, so I would recommend only the Kids Edition for children. It is worth it.

Source: Mashable.

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