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The iPhone 6 Case Designs Are Just Right

Apple debuted cases along with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

Many people can’t be bothered with cases because many of them are either too bulky, too difficult to remove/replace, or they make it too difficult to use the phone.

I wouldn’t say that a case is a case, just like how I wouldn’t say a shirt is a shirt. Both of them need to fit comfortably, otherwise you could end up royally miserable.

As is the case with your clothing, your iPhone 6 will be on you virtually all the time.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases come in silicone and leather. The silicone case prices are $35 for the iPhone 6, and $39 for the iPhone 6 Plus.

These iPhone 6 Cases Do The Trick Without A Hassle

The leather case for the iPhone 6 is $45, and $49 for the iPhone 6 Plus. These cases are thin. They don’t have thick, ultra-absorbent padding or an extra outer shell as some cases do. They are thin, and simple but helpful.

The best protection they provide will be against scratches (except the screen) because they cover the back and sides of the device. The somewhat spongy silicone cases will provide a minor (but helpful) cushion effect to absorb shock before it reaches your iPhone 6’s internal parts.

Leather provides light padding as well, and a nice grip for those who like that material.

According to Darrell Etherington’s review on TechCrunch:

‘I tested out both varieties, on both devices, and found that they do the job of protecting the devices against bumps and scratches, while adding relatively little weight or added thickness.

The accessories also serve another purpose: providing a more grippy surface to hold onto when you’re using the phones, which is appreciated given how smooth and rounded the new hardware designs are.’

About the smooth and rounded hardware designs: They are sometimes too smooth and downright slippery. Unfortunately, silicon cases are sometimes too smooth as well. Leather will provide a more secure grip.

Finally, a variety of colours including brown, blue and white is provided.

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