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New Wi-Fi Technology Can Download 1 GB In 3 Seconds

Samsung has introduced a new 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology that can achieve speeds up to 4.6 Gbps.

They said it can download a 1 GB movie in 3 seconds (or less) if an excellent Internet connection is used.

As the Daily Digest News writer Craig Manning said:

Of course, Samsung also notes something that just about anyone who has ever used the internet already knows: real-life Wi-Fi speeds do not always live up to what hardware is actually capable of. In order to take advantage of the full potential of the new super-speed Wi-Fi band, users will have to have a “best case scenario” where their router, modem, internet service provider, and all other items are working perfectly.

Samsung hopes to implement this new Wi-Fi technology in devices, starting in 2015.

Factors Which Can Affect Performance, Regardless of How Fast Wi-Fi Technology Gets

Your Internet Connection

It is important to remember that a Wi-Fi network is not an Internet connection, but a wireless local network that enables you to connect to a modem.

Your Internet download speeds are mostly dependent on your Internet connection, because Internet connections are normally much slower than Wi-FI networks.

Wi-Fi Signal Strength

You could have the fastest Wi-Fi network and Internet connection in the world, and still experience poor performance.

Venturing too far away from your router can weaken your W-Fi signal and result in a patchy, unreliable connection. Ensure that you minimize any possible signal obstructions (including walls), and of course: Place your router closest to the area that you spend most of your time.

Will This New Wi-Fi Band Affect 4G Usage Rates?

Here are some factors to consider:

  • People who spend most of their time at home especially will enjoy this, and even deem 4G unnecessary.
  • People who spend most of their time at home and in offices with decent Wi-Fi connections may not need 4G.

Note: A lowercase ‘b’ denotes a bit, and an uppercase ‘B’ denotes a byte. A byte is 8 bits. Therefore, a Gb is a gigabit, and a GB is a gigabyte.

Main source: Daily Digest News.

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