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The Sony Xperia Z3v Has A 4K Camera

Sony’s Xperia Z3v has a 4K camera, which is awfully high for a smartphone camera, but bear in mind that 4K just means that its video resolution is up to 3840 x 2160 pixels (some are a little below that, but not far). 4K, HD, and megapixel (MP) ratings are not a measure of quality, just resolution.

The rear camera is 20 MP, and the front one is 2.2 MP. As part of their focus on making this a high-resolution phone overall, Sony also implemented support for high-res audio.

According to Pete Pachal from Mashable:

The rear camera is an impressive 20 megapixels, and it has a varied bag of tricks: There’s a time-lapse mode that lets you pick the part of clip that you want slowed down. It’s only 120 frames per second — not as good as the iPhone 6’s 240fps slo-mo mode — but the flexibility is nice to have. The phone also lets you combine pics from the rear camera and the 2.2MP front camera in creative ways, like putting one person’s face on someone else’s body.

Sony Could Have Made The Z3v Even More Competitive

If I was Sony, I would have focused more on the overall camera quality of the Z3v than resolution. The areas in which all smartphones fail include, but are not limited to:

  • Screen brightness is never adequate outdoors without significant shading.
  • Horrible speakers.
  • The inability to block out loud ambient distractions during phone calls.

Here is where Sony nailed it:

PS4 RemotePlay: Playstation 4 players can stream gameplay from their console in real time to the Xperia Z3v. Players can also stream gameplay simultaneously to their TV and the Z3v.

Water resistance was a good idea in my opinion. Water resistant watches are standard now because people have them on their wrists most of the time when outdoors. People now have their phones in their hands so often (too often, if you ask me) that they are bound to get a little wet at some point, or have to put them away every time it drizzles.

Source: Mashable.

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