Motorola Supplies Official Parts To iFixit

An Android smartphone.
An Android phone. Image obtained with thanks from Alok Sharma.

Motorola is now officially supplying spare parts to iFixit for users looking to repair their phones. This is the first major phone manufacturer to supply iFixit with parts for their repair kits. iFixit is an online repair guide.

Consumer electronics manufacturers are not usually accommodating of repairs, so that led to the growth of the used parts market in which individuals and companies have been selling their old phones for parts and collecting, scrapping, and reselling phones/their parts.

This is not a ‘necessary evil’, but one with a major benefit! It puts money back in the pockets of people who need new phones but don’t want to have to throw their old ones away, and enables other people to repair their own.

However, an official supply of parts from Motorola will still be helpful and much appreciated by repair centers and their customers.

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