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Xmetrics Is A Coach That Swims With You

There are many activity tracking devices on the market, but they serve different purposes and people. Some of the most basic, and oldest ones include stopwatches and calorie counters. Some are designed for swimmers, however, the founder of Xmetrics found them all to be too inconvenient.

Massimiliano Rosolino Putting An Xmetrics Tracker on his head. Image obtained with thanks from Xmetrics.
Massimiliano Rosolino Putting An Xmetrics Tracker on his head.
Image obtained with thanks from Xmetrics.

Xmetrics is a wearable technology for swimmers’ heads that has a 9-axis mechanical sensor which provides the swimmer with services similar to what a coach would, such as speed measurement. It also provides the swimmer with audible feedback.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPvxYpP3FCk#t=16′]

Video: Eli Regalado on YouTube.

‘It’s like having your own coach whispering in your ear to keep you focused’, according to Xmetrics founder Andrea Rinaldo.

‘With this device, a swimmer will make his or her stroke count, will get a real-time audio feedback on performance, biological feedback and enjoy a design which is made for comfort and convenience,’ adds Rinaldo while explaining the benefits that the users of this device will derive from its usage.

Image obtained with thanks from Xmetrics.
Image obtained with thanks from Xmetrics.

There are other similar technologies on the market such as the Garmin Swim Watch with Garmin Connect for $150, which can display speed, time, distance, strokes, and more. However, the Garmin Swim Watch doesn’t serve quite the same purpose, as the Garmin tells them afterwards (which is perfectly fine as well).

If you’re willing to spend more to get feedback underwater, you can check out the Xmetrics Indiegogo campaign.

Other features include wireless data upload capability so you can analyze and track your progress on your iPhone, Windows, or Android smartphone via their app.

Financial Benefits Of Swim Watches Like The Xmetrics And Garmin Swim Watch

The greatest financial benefit by far of electronic coach technology is that you won’t have to hire a coach if you don’t want to.

The downside is that typically, nothing is more inspiring than a real person. Of course, you can only achieve that level of inspiration if you find the right coach.

Source: Xmetrics Indiegogo Campaign (linked above).

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