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An App For Facebook Groups Has Been Released

Facebook has released an app dedicated to Facebook groups for iOS and Android. They aren’t forcing you to switch to it. However, they touted it as a convenient solution for people who use Facebook groups often.

A screenshot of the Facebook Groups app for Android. Image credit: Kompulsa.
A screenshot of the Facebook Groups app for Android. Image credit: Kompulsa.

Users may see occasional posts from Facebook groups in their news feed, or their news feeds may be totally flooded by group posts. When you log into Facebook, you get hit by everything at once. Messages, friends’ posts, group posts, comments, game notifications, and more. You want to click them, but you need to get your work done. It’s hard not to click those notifications.

This may be why Facebook split the Facebook Messenger from the main app. If you want to stay in touch with friends without being bombarded by too many notifications, you can just use the Facebook Messenger app alone, and bring up the main app when you’re ready to do other things in your spare time.

This helps to take us back to the days when we had standalone instant messengers running without too many notifications.

Switching To The Facebook Groups App Could Reduce News Feed Clutter

If you have a Facebook Group for co-workers and you need to focus, instead of logging into the main app or website which will present you with all notifications at once, you could just bring up the Facebook groups app and shut down the main app/turn off notifications so you can focus on your work. You could also increase your smartphone battery life by shutting down the main app sometimes.

The Facebook Groups app is available in all countries today. Hopefully Google releases it in the Amazon app store, because Kindle Fire users cannot access Google Play. If you use a Kindle Fire, you may be able to find it in an alternative market such as GetJar or 1Mobile. I use those from time to time.

You can get it on Google Play for your Android device, or for your iOS device from iTunes.

Source: Facebook.

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