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The Boy Next Door Will Be In Theatres January 23

The Boy Next Door is a Universal Pictures film about a mother (Jennifer Lopez’s character — Claire) with a frequently cheating husband who has yet to get a divorce (even after 9 months!), and is raising her son. In this film, a boy who just moved in next door (Ryan Guzman’s character — Noah) swoops in to help her out around the house, drive her son (Ian Nelson’s character — Kevin) to school as well as fun activities Kevin enjoys, and he tops that all off by giving Claire sweet compliments. He really injected a dose of joy into her depressing life, until he got too close.

Noah wasn’t just invested in their family, he started exhibiting downright obsessive behaviour. Based on the trailer, it appears as if he hacked into her account and requested to join her class under her name. This is a unique twist, and a departure from typical movies about obsessive boyfriends. I’ve never seen a movie about a woman whose obsessive boyfriend joined her class! Let’s just say that things got even more intense and scary from there. You can see more by watching the trailer.

I think the producers have convinced me to head to the theatre on the 23rd of January, which is the release date. The cast list is on The Boy Next Door’s IMDB page.

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