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Reminder: Don’t Install Movie Downloaders

The Interview is a controversial comedy about an attempt to assassinate the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. It was made available on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox Video, iTunes, and a Kernel website. Unfortunately, a malicious Android app was developed to trick users into thinking it would download The Interview, when in fact it installed a trojan (identified by McAfee as Android/Badaccents) which would attempt to steal their bank account information.

In general, it is unwise to download any executable files (anything with the .exe extension for Windows users) which claim to download movies or other paid-content for free. They are almost always, if not always riddled with malware. Online piracy websites often insist that their ‘movie downloaders’ are necessary to watch the movie you are looking for. It is much safer (and legal) to see movies in theatres or buy them on Blu-ray/DVD.

If you want to see The Interview, Sony uploaded it to YouTube.

Source: Graham Cluley.

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