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Australian Police Start Using Galaxy Note 4 Phones

The police in New South Wales, Australia will use Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphones/phablets on the job to access police databases and do background checks without having to go back to their vehicles. 500 of these phablets will be provided to local and regional law enforcement involved with/working on the following.

Officers using the Galaxy Note 4 phablets. Image obtained with thanks from the NSW police.
Officers using the Galaxy Note 4 phablets.
Image obtained with thanks from the NSW police.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Gangs.
  • Dog squad.
  • Traffic patrol.

Phablet technology is more effective than smaller smartphones because of screen size. Being the user of a tablet and a smartphone, I found that the tablet is always much easier to use, especially for navigation, web browsing, and looking things up in general. It saves time on scrolling and zooming, and time is of the essence to the police. According to Jenni Ryall of Mashable:

‘Policing can be a dangerous job and this device means officers can perform checks on the spot and gain operational information that could prove pertinent during high-risk situations,” NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said in a statement. ‘The device will also save officers time by streamlining their daily duties as it eliminates the need for officers to return to their vehicle to access information.’

If this project is successful, it will be expanded to more officers. Hopefully they don’t become distractions.

Source: Gizmodo Australia, Mashable.

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