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Dylan O'Brien attended the Comic Con conference for 'The Maze Runner' film

The Maze Runner Was Refreshingly Suspenseful

The Maze Runner is about a group of people whom were captured and placed in a confined area surrounded by a gigantic maze. At nightfall, some of the characters in captivity (dubbed the ‘runners’) would run through the maze, desperately trying to find a way out, only to be clawed and bitten up by vicious Grievers (poor things, the Grievers were hideous and drooled a lot).

Of the many scary movies i’ve seen, most of them comprised monsters standing around and roaring, trying to look scary. That doesn’t scare me at all. To strike fear into my heart, a monster has to be fast and opportunistic. In other words, more like a real animal. Do you see real life predators stand over their prey and roar? I don’t.

Dylan O'Brien attended the Comic Con conference for 'The Maze Runner' film
Dylan O’Brien at Comic Con representing The Maze Runner film.
Image obtained with thanks from Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

The Maze Runner is one of few movies i’ve seen with fast-paced and opportunistic action from the predators (which were the Grievers). The Grievers briskly chased and clawed at Dylan O’Brien’s character (Thomas) and those accompanying him as if they were the first potential meal they’ve seen in days. They were mere inches apart, and many times: they narrowly avoided getting caught.

Thomas was the smart, out-of-the-box thinker who wanted change, while the others (especially Gally/Will Poulter) wanted to play it safe and stay in captivity. He wouldn’t give up on his escape efforts easily. That is what made him one of my favourite characters. As much as I enjoyed the film, I wasn’t terribly pleased by the end, because a new ‘trial’ was just getting started. That made me look forward to the next Maze Runner, titled ‘The Scorch Trials’, and i’m excited!

You can watch the trailer on YouTube, if you’re interested.

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