Tips To Lower Your Phone Bill In iOS 9

iPhone 4S
An iPhone 4S. Image obtained with thanks from Matthew Pearce on Flickr.

The iOS 9 operating system has now been released, and there are some tips which could help you to significantly reduce your data usage.

I’ll start with the one that’s specific to iOS 9: Wi-Fi Assist. Wi-Fi Assist is a feature in iOS 9 which uses your 4G connection to back you up if your Wi-Fi connection fails. This is convenient, but you should only turn it on if absolutely necessary, otherwise you may run up your phone bill.

You can turn off Wi-Fi Assist by going to Settings > Cellul

Other Tips For Smartphones

  1. Go through all the apps on your home/app screen once a month and uninstall apps that you don’t need or hardly use. They can be easily reinstalled in the future. This prevents them from eating your data by downloading updates, checking for updates, checking for messages, etc.
  2. Turn off ‘Mobile Data’ in Android when you have access to a Wi-Fi connection.

Featured image credit: Matthew Pearce via Flickr.