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Clubhouse Starts Rolling Out Payments Feature For Creators

The drop-in audio chat platform Clubhouse has been rolling out the ability to accept payments to content creators. They started by offering the feature to 1,000 users during its test period, and now they are rolling it out to more than 60,000 users in the United States. The feature enables users to accept payments such as donations through the Clubhouse app.

Monetizing content creation has always been challenging, which is why a well-integrated in-app payments feature could be useful. Sponsorship has long been the go-to monetization method for many content creators on social media platforms like these. However, getting a sponsor is not an easy task. A built-in tipping feature like the one being implemented is a quick and easy way to support the Clubhouse creators that you love.

The feature provides three preset amounts of $5, $10, and $20 and has the option to set a donation amount manually. It uses the Stripe payment service and charges payments to the sender’s credit or debit card similarly to Google and Apple Pay. Clubhouse’s co-founder Paul Davison pointed out that creators will receive 100% of the donations sent to them. He also pointed out that users are not to send donations to him or other members of the Clubhouse team. If anyone does, the donations will go to charity.

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