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Bitdefender Box: Smart Security for a Smart Home

Today no home gadgets are without internet, be it your computers, tablets, smartphones or any other devices. However, with the smart home appliances’ increased usage of internet, the need to protect them from internet invaders like viruses, spyware and malware, has also became crucial. This is especially true since even if the security of a single gadget in the home network is compromised, then your entire range of gadgets is put at a risk. It may be quite cumbersome and expensive to install individual antiviruses on each of the smart gadgets.

Moreover there are many smart gadgets like smart toasters or cameras which do not facilitate running an antivirus program on them. Hence, to resolve all problems, and provide protection to all gadgets in the house, even the ones incapable of running antivirus software, a network security appliance, such as the Bitdefender Box is a very smart and feasible choice.

The Bitdefender Box is not a software program but a hardware product, designed to secure the Internet used at home. The unit very actively protects all internet attached gadgets from various threats like data theft, spying, malware and phishing, by rigorously inspecting the traffic for any kind of malware, rogue users, purloined data, unauthorized software and other items not mentioned in this list. Manufactured by the same brand that produces renowned antivirus software for home users and businesses, Bitdefender Antivirus, the Box works terrific for all Wi-Fi devices which are connected to your home network at any point.

The unit also functions as a stand-alone router. Powered by a 400MHz MIPS microprocessor, 64 MB DDR2 RAM and 16 MB Flash memory, the unit can simply be plugged into a power socket to make it ready for use. Its energy consumption is extremely low and can easily be charged by connecting its USB port to a home computer or router. The Box is not only attractive to look at but provides an unmatched security of any device on the home-network. Some of its major advantages are:

  • Running in the background, it provides the best local protection by working silently against all malware and protect all devices, be it your PCs, Androids Macs, and iOS tablets and smart phones.

  • The device can provide protection against online as well as offline threats. It has also proved to be an excellent safeguard from any storage devices or USB sticks.

  • By downloading the Bitdefender Box app, one can easily manage the devices even if one is away from the house.

  • Since its protection is equally effective for mobiles, Wi-Fi services can easily be used anywhere with no vulnerability seen to any hackers, privacy thieves, viruses etc. even when far away from home. The Private line on the mobile services can simply be activated to ensure that all internet traffic remains safe and anonymous.

  • The Box is a champion against any malware threatening the system and effectively flushes them out even before it reaches the system. Eliminating malware from a system can be quite a lengthy and cumbersome process.

The sleek and attractive design of the unit, hard and robust casing, coupled with all its benefits is bound to make you crave to own one.

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