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Sony a7S II Almost Turns Night Into Day With Its ISO Performance

If you do any sort of photography, you’re aware of the struggles one may face when trying to take clear, bright photos in low light conditions. At night, you may need to turn up the ISO value on your camera to ‘brighten’ the image if there isn’t enough artificial lighting available. The darker it is, the higher the ISO value must be, but turning up the ISO value past a certain point (which is dependent on the model of camera used) causes those horrid grains that we’re all familiar with.

Sony a7S II mirrorless full frame camera.
The Sony a7S II full frame camera. Image obtained with thanks from Sony under a CC 3.0 license.

A limited alternative (which can be used in conjunction with ISO settings) is to increase exposure value, but that has its own challenges. Artificial lighting can eliminate these issues, even if you’re using a cheap camera. However, photographing a distant mountain, clouds, lightning, or anything that you can’t illuminate will require high ISO performance at night.

Sony made the a7S II, which not only alleviates this ISO problem, but it may open a window of opportunity to make it look sunnier than it actually is, for example. It can (almost) make a dark night scene with no electric lighting (just a fire was in their example) look almost like daytime, as shown below.

A more ordinary (and significantly cheaper) camera would enable you to brighten a scene so it will at least be as clear as it would be to the naked eye. However, the a7S II can make it even clearer than it would be to the naked eye!

The Sony a7S II is a full frame mirrorless camera with an E-mount, which has the ability to record in 4K and supports ISO values up to 102400 for movies (expandable to 409600).

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At only 12.2 MP, it goes to show how insignificant megapixel ratings are when judging a camera’s image quality. The Sony a7S II camera has an MSRP of $2,699.99.

Video Credits: Sony.

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