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NVidia Upgrades GTX 1050 With Faster GPU And More VRAM

NVidia has released an improved iteration of the GTX 1050 GPU with higher clock speeds and 1 more GB of VRAM. The new GTX 1050 GPU has a base clock frequency of 1,392 MHZ and a boost clock frequency of 1,518 MHZ. It also has an additional 1GB of VRAM, bringing it up to 3GB.

The previous GTX 1050 had a base clock frequency of 1,354 MHZ and a boost clock frequency of 1,455 MHZ. The memory interface width of the new GTX 1050 is now a small 96 bits, down from 128 bits in the old one. The memory bandwidth is a lower 84 GB/s, down from 112 GB/s in the old one. The new 1050 also has 768 CUDA cores, up from the 640 cores that the old one had.

The graphics card maintains its small 5.7″ long footprint and 75 Watt TDP/power consumption.

Here’s Kompulsa’s GPU power table for comparison to other popular models:

GPU Power Consumption

BrandModelTDP (Watts)Base Freq (MHZ)Boost Freq (MHZ)VRAMClassGigaflops
NVidiaGT 103030-14682GeForce(Unavailable)
AMDRX 55050110011834Radeon1100
AMDRX 46075109012002Radeon2200
NVidiaGTX 1050 TI75129013924GeForce2138
NVidiaGTX 105075135414552GeForce1862
AMDRX 56080117512754Radeon2600
NVidiaGTX 95090102411882GeForce1825
AMDRX 47012092612064Radeon4900
NVidiaGTX 960120112711782GeForce2413
NVidiaGTX 1060120150617086GeForce3800
NVidiaGTX 970145105011784GeForce3920
AMDRX 570150116812448Radeon5100
NVidiaGTX 1070150150616838GeForce6463
AMDRX 480150112012668Radeon5800
NVidiaGTX 980165112612164GeForce4600
NVidiaRTX 2070175141016208GeForce(Unavailable)
NVidiaGTX 1070 TI180160716838GeForce8100
NVidiaGTX 1080180160717338GeForce9000
AMDRX 580185125713408Radeon6200
AMDRX Vega 56210115614718Radeon21000
NVidiaRTX 2080215151517108GeForce(Unavailable)
AMD5700 XT2251605190511Radeon12700
NVidiaGTX 980 TI250100010756GeForce5600
NVidiaGTX 1080 TI2501544165811GeForce11300
NVidiaTitan X2501417153112Titan11000
NVidiaTitan Xp2501405158212Titan12000
NVidiaTitan V2501200145512Titan110000
AMDRX Vega 64345124716778Radeon27500
NVidiaRTX 30903501400170024GeForce36000
NVidiaRTX 30803201440171010GeForce30000
NVidiaRTX 4060115183024608GeForce
NVidiaRTX 4060 ti1652310254016GeForce
NVidiaRTX 4070 ti2852310261012GeForce
NVidiaRTX 4070 ti Super2852340261016GeForce
NVidiaRTX 40803202210255016GeForce
NVidiaRTX 4080 Super3202290255016GeForce
NVidiaRTX 40904502230252024GeForce
The power consumption of many common graphics processing units (GPUs), as well as their base frequency, maximum frequency, compute power in gigaflops, and video memory (VRAM). This table is ordered by GPU wattage.
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