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What are the 5 Best Ways to Burglarproof your Home?

While there are some state-of -the-art security systems that might cost you an arm and a leg, securing your home from burglars and petty thieves doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive.

Owning or renting your first home is always an important milestone for anyone. You want to make sure you have done everything within your budget to protect it. To help you sleep well at night, we have put together a small list of burglar-proofing tips for your new home. Let’s start of with the simplest of them all…

1) Secure Your Doors

One of the first and easiest things you can do to protect your home is to ensure all your exterior doors are secure. All doors should have protected hinges and strong frames. To make the doors even more secure, install a deadbolt and a strike plate. These two tools work in combination to make your doors more secure – Burglars can’t break in just by kicking the door in or picking your locks. You can also consider installing a video doorbell that records all movement at your door.

2) Lighting

Secondly, you need lighting. Well-placed lighting to be exact. No burglar likes to operate in a well-lit environment, and they tend to avoid homes that are setup that way. Motion sensor lights are also a good option, as they switch on the instant someone walks near the light.

If you will be away from home for a while, then you should consider installing lights with timers. Doing this can give the impression that you are still home. Remember to save energy and the environment by using solar powered bulbs as much as possible.

3) Add Security Cameras

Security cameras are great tools because they not only act as a deterrent, but the footage can be used to get justice against criminals. You can get them as part of a complete home security system, or have them set up on their own.

You should ensure that you get the cameras that come with a mobile app, so that you can watch the footage in real-time and store it if you need it for legal redress. Also ensure the cameras have WiFi capabilities, motion detection and night time vision. This list by DD Counter Measures should set you on the right path.

4) Install a Home Security System

A basic DIY or state-of-the-art home security system is usually one of the best ways to protect your home. These systems are usually a combination of some of the tips we already listed here – smart lights, a video doorbell, security cameras – and more.

Depending on your budget, you can decide which features are must-haves. Some of these systems come with smoke alarm detectors, scheduling sensors for your lights and TV when you are away from home for an extended period, and one-touch alarm buttons for the police.

5) Get a Dog

Lastly, get a dog. These furry friends are not only good for companionship, but can also act as a good security measure. They will bark if there are any unusual movements around the home or when someone breaks in. Depending on the breed, the sight of them alone can also prevent a burglar from penciling down your home as a potential place to visit.

The Bottom Line

Securing your home from burglars doesn’t have to be difficult. These five simple tips can get you started off on a good footing. You don’t have to implement all at once – pick the one you can afford, and start burglar proofing your new place.

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