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Finney Blockchain Phone Has Built-In Wallet, 8-Core CPU And 6GB Of RAM

Sirin Labs — A Swiss-based company has stated that they will release the Finney blockchain phone in November. The Finney blockchain phone has a built-in cryptocurrency cold-storage wallet that is isolated from the rest of the phone for security purposes.

The wallet software has a token conversion service that enables users to swap one token for another, which is convenient if they don’t happen to have the same token that a given merchant requested. This is done with the help of their SRN token. The Finney is also a high-end smartphone equipped with 6GB of RAM, an octa-core Snapdragon 845 processor, and 128GB of storage.

The phone runs a fork of Android 8.1 called Sirin OS. What that means is that Sirin Labs is using a modified version of Android 8.1. Other mobile phone vendors have tried that approach (such as Amazon and BlackBerry). The OS is open-source, but only available to OEMs, unlike less-restrictive open-source software such as the freeBSD OS or the Linux kernel., which encourage community development.

Smartphone designs that prioritize security and privacy are sorely needed, as cybercriminals are pervasive. In the U.S, a record 16.7 million Americans had their identities stolen.

The Finney phone has a 6 inch 1080 x 2160 pixel screen, as well as a second 2″ pop-up multi-touch ‘safe’ screen, a fingerprint sensor, SD card slot, among the other typical features/peripherals you’d find in a phone, according to Cnet. The price (MSRP in this case) of the Finney phone is $999.

Also, if you’re a fan of Leo Messi, look out for his upcoming commercial with Sirin Labs!

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