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How to Create the Perfect Gaming Setup

For gamers across the world, finding the perfect setup is more of an art than anything else, and it can be tricky deciding how to go about creating the perfect setup.

For serious gamers, there are plenty of things to consider, such as how to place each console/PC for easy access to each and how to ensure their screen/screens are optimally placed for comfort and maintaining a good posture. Here are some further considerations for gamers looking to create their perfect setup.

Internet Connection

The world of gaming has undoubtedly come a long way since the 2D adventures of the 1980s, and many games have now moved to the online sphere. This means that, for most gamers, a good, reliable internet connection is a must when creating the ideal setup.

Having a decent internet speed (1mbps or higher) and ping rate (100m/s or lower) also plays an important part in creating the perfect gaming experience, so it is well worth investing in a good router as well as an effective ISP. Once a good connection has been established, then most games should run incredibly smoothly.


It is also important to invest in good hardware to ensure that the setup is robust and durable. This includes everything from smaller parts, such as a Cat6 cable from a trusted supplier like RS Components, to a fully functioning console or computer which should always be well maintained.

If gaming on a computer, then it may be worth getting a device which has been built specifically for gaming. These tend to hold up far better and longer (having better specifications and memory) than regular devices which are not necessarily designed for intensive gaming.

Multiple Devices/Gadgets

The modern gamer often uses multiple consoles on a daily basis, so thinking about placement can go a long way in helping to facilitate efficient and enjoyable gaming. To this end, it may well be worth purchasing some shelves for each console, so that they can be stacked on top of each other.

It may also worth investing in some gaming gadgets like headphones and a good microphone, and reserving a special place for these near the consoles so that they are always at hand.

Once the perfect gaming setup has been created, it will be difficult to go back to any other setup, and it will make a huge difference to the overall gaming experience. Be sure to customize it based on room layout and individual preferences for the best results.

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