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SpaceX Launches 60 Satellites To Provide Internet Access

The SpaceX Falcon reusable rocket has successfully launched — carrying 60 miniature satellites that will provide global Internet access out into space. The Internet satellites are part of SpaceX’s second batch and is just the beginning of many launches, which will eventually amount to thousands of satellites.

This launch comes at a time when wired Internet access is often highly centralized and it’s not trivial to get out of a bad provider’s Internet plan. That’s not all — an even bigger impact may come in the form of censorship resistance (only in certain regions).

Whoever operates an Internet satellite can theoretically implement censorship and control what you see online, however someone in another country that is behind a national firewall may benefit by bypassing their own country’s restrictions (for example: China blocking western social networks).

Large quantities of the SpaceX Internet satellites could pose a space-junk risk. However, the autonomous satellites are designed to dodge space junk. These satellites should start providing high sped Internet access for the U.S. and Canada next year, and to the world after 24 launches.

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