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What Is Crypto Mining Malware?

Mining malware has been on the rise and more hackers discover that they can make money easily by mining cryptocurrencies. Mining cryptocurrencies is not a no-brainer for everyone because it costs money to do so. It requires processing power (and will therefore slow down your computer), memory, and electricity. So what does mining malware do? It steals your computer’s resources instead!

The electricity requirements can be quite high depending on the coin being mined, and that means that a miner could end up increasing your electric bill. How? Due to CPU frequency scaling, the activity and (therefore) power consumption of your computer’s CPU will increase or decrease to meet processing power demands. Processing power demand increases when a CPU-intensive program such as a miner starts running.

These miners run secretly in the background and operate/use up your resources without your permission. They are also installed without your permission. These underhanded, sneaky tactics are the reason they are malware. Considering that crypto mining malware slows down your computer and costs you money, you’ll want to avoid any suspicious or websites that may try to install it.

Mining is not an inherently crooked activity. If you choose to mine cryptocurrency using your own computer and you are the one getting paid for it, then it’s perfectly acceptable. There is also the possibility that said malware might try to steal your data as well, so you want to stay clear of any websites or apps involved in unscrupulous activity.

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