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Sport Bike Accessories for 2020

Even if you love your bike, hopping on the same ride every day can get boring. Make 2020 the year you get the new motorcycle feel for less money with aftermarket sport bike parts. You can improve your ride’s style, speed, and handling with a few accessories and some elbow grease. Consider these components when you attempt to juice up that old sport bike:


The right suspension can drastically improve your ride quality. Comfort is a major improvement here, although smoothing out the bumps is only one reason for an upgrade. Even sport bikes tend to have squishy OE springs that don’t allow for proper handling. If you can’t lean hard into your fork springs, for instance, you can’t corner well. A stiffer suspension with more progressive action creates a better overall experience on your motorcycle.


Aftermarket exhaust systems provide three major benefits over stock setups. First, they evacuate more spent gases, allowing more oxygen to reach your engine; this can provide a major boost in horsepower. Second, they weigh less than the OE system, which can significantly lower your overall weight depending on the make and model. Finally, they just look cooler attached to your bike. Even a slip-on enhances both aesthetics and performance if you don’t want a full system overhaul.

Air Filter

There’s no point in moving more exhaust gases if you’re not going to bring more oxygen in. A high-flow filter allows for better airflow to your combustion chambers. Many of them also do a better job of filtering out particles than their OEM counterparts. This is a cheap swap, so make it a goal for 2020.

Brake Lines

A shocking number of premium sport bikes still include rubber brake lines. If you don’t understand why this is a problem, it has to do with the way your brakes work. Your brake fluid creates hydraulic pressure to squeeze the pad against the disc. Rubber flexes more than braided steel lines, making for slower and less progressive braking. When you’re going fast, make sure you have enough stopping power to slow down by installing steel brake lines.

Fender Eliminator

The popularity of fenders ebbs and flows like full face sport bike helmets. While fender deletion was a massive trend for a while, recently bikers were pushing back by leaving their stock setup alone. Expect things to swing back the other way in 2020. Removing the fenders just gives your sport bike that aggressive racing feel. Grab a fender eliminator kit to clean up your lines and smooth out any rear end turbulence.


If these aren’t the most common aftermarket accessory, then they probably should be. An effective tread pattern is the last link in your motorcycle’s kinetic chain. Budget tires don’t efficiently transfer the force of your powerful engine, sandbagging your top speed and acceleration. Find an exceptional set of wheels to take your ride to the next level.

While you’re shopping for sport bike accessories, don’t forget about your helmet. If it’s been a while since you replaced your head protection, check out the brand new graphic sport bike helmets. They not only look great, they incorporate advanced materials for safer and more comfortable riding.

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