iOS 13 Reminds Users That Apps Are Tracking Them

Super Mario Run being played on an iPhone 7
A woman playing Super Mario Run on an iPhone. Image credit: Denys Prykhodov.

As of iOS 13, your iPhone doesn’t readily grant apps the ability to track your location all the time (it used to ask and then you could select the option to always allow it). Now, it keeps asking you if you want to grant apps access to your location as requested by the app.

Unless: you do want to grant an app continuous access to your location (understandable if it is something you use all the time and it is a location-dependent service), you can go to: Settings > Privacy > Location Services, then select the app and select the ‘always’ option.

This is a step in the right direction, as countless app vendors have been obscenely invasive. However, it would have been really helpful if this policy was implemented years ago…before pretty much every app demanded access to your location all the time (even if it isn’t needed).

Implementing such a policy at this time means that people are getting pestered with numerous location requests. If the policy was implemented earlier before app vendors got carried away with tracking, there would have been fewer notifications and app vendors would probably think twice before demanding access to your location. Although it’s better late than never!

Aside from that, there have been complaints that clicking ‘Always Allow’ doesn’t always work (possibly a bug?).

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