Bus From ‘Into The Wild’ Removed From Alaskan Wilderness

Bus 142 (or 'Magic Bus')
Bus 142 on Stampede Trail. Image obtained with thanks from Erikhalfacre via Wikimedia Commons.

The bus that was a central part of the story ‘Into The Wild’ has been removed from the Alaskan wilderness by the Alaskan National Guard. The iconic 1940s bus (Bus 142) was placed in Denali Borough 60 years ago and served as a shelter for visitors (and workers) in that punishing environment.

The Fairbanks city bus rose to fame after a the book titled ‘Into The Wild’ was written about Christopher McCandless — an explorer who was hiking through the Alaskan wilderness and took refuge in that bus. McCandless documented his experience in his diary until his death in 1992.

A critically-acclaimed movie based on the book was also released in 2007, and people have been travelling to that area ever since then to visit the bus. Several people either died or had to be rescued from the area, and that led to the decision to have the bus removed.

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