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Tesla Model 3 electric car

Man Rides In Back Seat Of Tesla, Crashes

A man rode in the back seat of a Tesla car with no driver in the seat, and was involved in an accident. The driver denies any wrongdoing. The purpose of this article is to explain the difference between full self driving cars and autopilot, and why it is important.

Full self-driving cars can drive themselves without a human at the wheel. Autopilot does not facilitate that. In fact, using a car on autopilot while sleeping or without staying behind the wheel has caused fatal accidents in the past. This is because autopilot requires driver intervention from time to time.

You need to stay behind the wheel of your car at all times if it is operating in autopilot mode. Self driving cars are highly promising, but you can’t relax in the back seat until you get a full self driving car. Teslas are not yet full self-driving cars. Only a few customers have been allowed to beta test self-driving capability before its release.

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