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Red Ford Escape crossover SUV

Ford Working On 3-Row SUV With 350-Mile Range, 10-Minute Recharge

Ford Motor Company has been developing an electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) that promises 300 miles of range at a speed of 70 mph on the highway and 350 miles during combined highway and city driving. The vehicle, due in 2025 will be built on a new EV platform called TE1. It will also have three rows of seats.

One of the selling points of this SUV that really stood out is the fact that it you can charge it enough to add 150 miles to its range in only 10 minutes using a DC charger. This makes a big difference to people who frequently go on long road trips, as waiting 30 or more minutes to charge is inconvenient. However, other brands are offering similar charging options so that you can add 62 miles in 3 minutes, for example.

Ford’s 10-minute recharging also chips away at the use case of battery swapping stations that are offering 5-minute swaps. While 10 minutes is twice as long, it is still more appealing because it doesn’t involve removing and replacing a major part of your car. Charging stations have also become ubiquitous, unlike battery swapping stations.

Tesla Supercharger charging stations can also recharge 200 miles of range in only 15 minutes, so Ford definitely has competition in this regard. However, it is competing on the cutting edge with the vehicles offering the fastest charging times on the market. Getting to a stage where a 5-minute charge adds 150 miles of range would be another leap in the right direction, and that is likely to happen in the near future.

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