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iOS 14.6 update screen

iOS 14.6 Has Been Released, Implementing Support For Lossless Apple Music

Apple has released iOS 14.6, an update that enables iPhones to use the new lossless version of Apple Music among other benefits.

Apple Card Family: iOS 14.6 enables Apple Card Family users to track and manage expenditure with optional limits and other controls via a convenient app. This is definitely welcome at a time when legacy financial institutions have failed miserably to keep up with modern technology.

Support For Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio, Lossless Audio: iOS 14.6 implements support for Dolby Atmos, spatial audio, and lossless audio. Apple Music Lossless is coming in June, so you’ll need this update to take advantage of that. It’s also worth noting that existing AirPods do not support lossless audio due to their bitrates.

For now, i’d recommend taking the opportunity to buy high quality corded headphones such as the Beyerdynamic DT990 series, DT770 series, DT880 series, Sony MDR-7506, or AKG-K141 (after the update, of course).

Corded headphones are not bound to the bitrate limitations that Bluetooth earbuds or headphones are because they are analog, and you can get impressive sound quality and comfort for under $200 — this is because corded headphones are far cheaper to produce due to the lack of an amplifier, DAC, Bluetooth transceiver, and battery. The same applies if you’re doing this over a Lightning connector.

Shazam Has Been Integrated Into An App Clip: Shazam — the popular song identification service built into iOS will now display song information in the form of an App Clip.

AirTags Lost Mode now lets you add an email address instead of a phone number.

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