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Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup Truck Starts At Under $20K

Ford’s upcoming 2022 Maverick pickup truck is offering a more budget friendly alternative to the larger F-150 series for those who don’t need it to do as much — and its a hybrid. The new Ford Maverick starts at $19,995.

This compact pickup truck has a 4.5 foot cargo bed, which is 1 foot shorter than the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck’s 5.5 foot bed. The Maverick hybrid is expected to be small, if not Ford’s smallest pickup truck.

A starting price of $19,995 is reasonable for a pickup truck, especially if that truck is a hybrid. This puts it well within the price point of people who want a more fuel efficient truck, but which don’t require the size or amenities offered by the F-150 series.

Although hybrid powertrains come with other advantages such as quiet startups and the ability to drive around in near silence (at least at low speed). This truck is also equipped with two 110-Volt power outlets and two 12-Volt 20 amp power sources for DIY electrical solutions (especially appealing to people like me!).

The Maverick Hybrid pickup truck achieves 40 MPG during city driving, which is impressive for a pickup truck, or any truck for that matter. Despite being so fuel efficient, the Maverick hybrid still has four doors and can seat 5 people. It can also travel up to 500 miles on a tank. The powertrain consists of a 2.5L inline four cylinder engine and an electric motor producing a combined 191 HP.

This won’t provide blistering speed or oodles of torque, but it is still quite capable. You get what you pay for when buying cheaper items, and in this case you’re getting a fairly capable pickup truck for a very low price.

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