Jeep Advises Cherokee Owners To Park Outside Due To Fire Risk

Dark blue 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Image credit: Nicholas Brown - Kompulsa. Taken at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS).

Jeep is advising owners to park their Cherokee vehicles outside due to a fire risk associated with the power lift gate control module. The issue appears to be caused by electrical shorts brought on by water intrusion.

“An electrical short in the power lift gate module may lead to a vehicle fire with the ignition on or off,” Jeep’s defect report to NHTSA said. Jeep’s notice said that customers may notice that their liftgates no longer operate before the issue escalates to a fire, but there’s no guarantee of any warning.

Jeep announced a recall for the vehicles, which were the models years 2014-2016. So far, there have been 50 incidents seen by Stellantis. They started investigating the issue after there was an uptick in cargo and compartment fires. There isn’t a solution in place yet. However, Jeep will investigate and contact customers starting in June.