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You Can Now Install ChatGPT On Your iPhone

The ChatGPT mobile app for iPhones has now been released (for users in the United States). Users previously had to use ChatGPT via their web browsers. This led to the proliferation of mobile apps that integrated GPT-3 being launched for the devices, including the Apple Watch (Like Petey, formerly called WatchGPT), as well as various other integrations. OpenAI says that an official Android app is also on its way.

Install ChatGPT From The App Store

From a security standpoint, the availability of the official app is great news considering that many people were downloading counterfeit apps claiming to be ChatGPT. If you do happen to have one of the fake ChatGPT clones apps, please remove it as soon as possible due to the elevated risk of malware and privacy invasions. Note: This does not mean that the official app won’t collect or sell your data. Read OpenAI’s privacy policy if you’d like to learn more about that.

This app is offered free of charge (pricing of products is always subject to change) and will sync your data history across all the devices you use ChatGPT on. The free app provides access to ChatGPT’s GPT-3 implementation. However, if you want access to ChatGPT Plus or the new GPT-4 implementation, you’d have to pay for a subscription.

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