Pixel Phones Running Cooler Following Android 14 Update

Photo by Elena Chioru on Pexels.com

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 phones have been running a little warm, but some users of older Pixels are reporting reduced temperatures following the Android 14 update. It’s possible that The Pixel 6 and 7 may benefit from the same update.

The Pixel’s overheating problem affecting models with the Tensor G1 and Tensor G2 chips were bad enough to burn users through their pockets in some cases. Some of the Pixel phones also failed to recharge until they cooled off.

For context: Lithium-ion batteries can experience thermal runaway if they get too hot while recharging. The combined heat caused by recharging + the heat generated by the phone’s processor could cause catastrophic failure in the form of a battery explosion. This is why they cannot allow the phone to recharge if it is already too hot. What thermal runaway is: Thermal runaway is a phenomenon whereby increasing the temperature of an object or substance can trigger another event that causes even more heat to be generated. It’s the thermal equivalent of a domino effect.

The Pixel 7 models were almost as high as the iPhone 15’s temperatures (prior to the iOS 17.0.3 update), which were excessively high.

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