Saturday, January 16, 2021
Burning coal

If Someone Says That Coal Keeps The Lights On, Show Them This

'Coal keeps the lights on' is one of the most widely used phrases by coal advocates, citing that it's a 'reliable base load power source'. There is an issue with that: Coal...
2017 Chevy Cruze With Diesel Engine

Can’t Afford A New Hybrid? The Chevy Cruze Diesel Gets 52 MPG

A look at the 2017 Chevy Cruze Diesel, which can achieve 52 MPG highway (dependent on configuration).
petroleum refinery

It’s Happening Again: Russian, Saudi Arabian Oil Ouput To Be Frozen

Back in 2008, I witnessed the end of cheap oil as we know it -- Oil prices surged to $147/barrel in November. That was when talk about alternative energy sources really...

The U.A.E. Will Terminate Gas Subsidies

The United Arab Emirates' Energy Ministry has decided to terminate gasoline subsidies, as the country's economy is affected by low oil prices. Oil prices will most likely go right back up...

Why The Chuitna Coal Mine Came At A Bad Time

The future of the Chuitna coal mine appears to be dark, as the coal export market is on the decline.

Anti-Rolling Coal Bill Introduced In Illinois

A bill prohibiting rolling coal (the deliberate increase of vehicle smog emissions) has been introduced in the state of Illinois.
Rooftop solar panels

Enormous 1MW Solar Plant Built In Australia In 7 Days (Video)

An enormus 1MW modular solar + diesel power plant was constructed in Queensland, Australia in only 7 days.

How Germany’s Energiewende Is Progressing

A look at Germany's progress towards a more environmentally friendly future.