Saturday, January 16, 2021
2016 Ford Escape Chrome Package.

Top 4 Most Efficient New Crossovers

These are some of the most fuel efficient SUVs from your favourite brands on the market.
Shelby GT350R wheel.

Ford Shelby GT350R Gets Standard Carbon Fiber Wheels

Ford's Shelby Mustang GT350R has gotten standard carbon fiber wheels.
Dark blue BMW i8 electric car

Dubai Police Officers Get BMW i8 PHEVs

The police force of Dubai has added some BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports cars to their fleet. Criminals must really have stepped up their game to require this.

Electric transportation… the race has commenced

It’s now official: several cities around the globe have made a point to renew their fleets of mass transportation, and the future looks greener.
The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck.

Low Gas Prices May Not Affect Fuel Economy Targets (Yet)

Gas prices across the United States have fallen to low levels which are well under $3 per gallon. Economically, this is good, but people are likely to waste more, offsetting the...