Mitsubishi Sold Nearly 18,000 Outlander PHEVs In 2013

Mitsubishi sold 17,805 Outlander PHEVs over the course of 2013. In, Japan, they sold 6,608. In December, this PHEV outsold all of the other plug-in vehicles in Japan.

This is a good start for Mitsubishi in the budding PHEV industry, where prices are still a bit high, and everyone is struggling to get their own PHEV models sold. Mitsubishi could have sold more if they didn’t encounter a battery problem which limited the Outlander’s sales. The next target is to sell 30,000 of them by the end of March.

Non-plug-in hybrids have been more successful (this is probably due to the fact that their prices are lower, for now). For example: Combined United States Prius sales were 222,140 in 2013.

Other Outlander PHEV Sales Data:

  • Europe: 8,197;
  • The Netherlands: 8,009;

Source: InsideEVs.

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