Feb 052014
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Mitsubishi sold 17,805 Outlander PHEVs over the course of 2013. In, Japan, they sold 6,608. In December, this PHEV outsold all of the other plug-in vehicles in Japan.

This is a good start for Mitsubishi in the budding PHEV industry, where prices are still a bit high, and everyone is struggling to get their own PHEV models sold. Mitsubishi could have sold more if they didn’t encounter a battery problem which limited the Outlander’s sales. The next target is to sell 30,000 of them by the end of March.

Non-plug-in hybrids have been more successful (this is probably due to the fact that their prices are lower, for now). For example: Combined United States Prius sales were 222,140 in 2013.

Other Outlander PHEV Sales Data:

  • Europe: 8,197;
  • The Netherlands: 8,009;

Source: InsideEVs.

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