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Two Ways To Avoid Using Facebook Messenger

When Facebook started rolling out the Messenger app as an official replacement for the built-in chat feature in the main app, countless people became very angry and took to social media to complain about it.

Apart from that, Kindle Fire users may experience technical difficulties with it due to the fact that emoticons don’t work, image uploads don’t work, and tapping notifications causes it to crash. This is based on my experience with the 2013 Kindle Fire HD. When I tried to load the emoticons and image upload tabs, nothing happened whatsoever. This also started happening recently in the main Facebook app.

Every cloud has a silver lining: Apparently, the Facebook Messenger is considerably faster and better overall for urgent conversations compared to the main app. Facebook says that the Messenger app enables you to reach users ‘right away’. If this is true, then this a major step up for reliability.

A Loophole

Steps To Evade Facebook Messenger

  1. When prompted to install Facebook Messenger, go ahead and click the install button.
  2. Let it take you to the Google Play or Apple app store, then stop the download before it finishes.
  3. You should now be able to see your messages in the main Facebook app again once you reload it.

Thankfully, The Guardian discovered this workaround.

Facebook will probably update the app and close this loophole eventually, but this could buy you some time to become accustomed to the Messenger app.

The Mobile Website

Back when everything was integrated into the main Facebook app, the mobile website didn’t look very appealing, did it? If you’re having technical issues with the Facebook Messenger app (like Kindle users might due to a lack of support for Kindle Fire devices), then it may be the way to go for now.

The chat is still integrated into the Facebook website. However, web browsing on mobile devices is often painfully slow and crippled in other ways. I usually end up doing it on my laptop.

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