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A Look At The MHacks IV Winners

MHacks IV was a hackathon was judged by Dave Fontenot and Raj Vir and it was hosted from September 5 to 7, 2014 in Ann Arbour, Michigan, United States. There was $31,760 in prizes.

The Winners Of MHacks IV

GreenCan: This is a bin that separates recyclable items from non-recyclable ones based on the sound they make when they are thrown into it. I’m glad to see someone dedicate time to the important cause of responsible waste disposal. I’m also glad to see technology for the advancement of important causes make its way into MHacks.

However, people need to become more wary of how recyclable each material is in the first place, so they can shop more responsibly (this change is well overdue), and simply throw recyclable items in a recycle bin themselves.

This is the cheapest option, and knowledge has the potential to change the world more than anything else, but for now, GreenCan can easily make the decision for them.

Save My Glass: A safety enhancement technology for use with Google Glass. Most developers create new apps, virtual reality technology, as well as other convenience and entertainment technologies at hackathons.

It is good to see MHacks fostering environmentally friendly and safety-enhancing technology (like this) to help move the world forward, while so many other developers just want to become the next Mark Zuckerberg (i’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but the majority of people are more focused on entertainment than on causes).

Tabbr: A search engine for tabs. This allows you to search for tabs by typing in relevant keywords. It sorts search results based on frequency of access and other factors.

Lark: According to the MHacks page on ChallengePost:

‘A live-coding scheme interpreter that runs inside Objective-C applications. Scriptable via a TCP connection and accompanying REPL server. Update your UIViews or any other Object live, on the fly!

All code for it was hand-written, from the parser combinator library used to parse the grammar, all the way to the evaluation functions and Objective-C runtime integration over the course of 2 days! It all runs inside your app and takes 1 line of code to integrate!’

Sentimental: This project uses natural language processing (NLP) to retrieve the make, model of, and sentiment associated with each vehicle from Car and Driver.

Auto-Mate: A car portal that utilizes the Hearst APIs.

TrackPunch: This aims to help users find their next favourite songs by listening in on what they already play on Spotify, SoundCloud, 8Tracks and more. This sounds like fun!

Flash Feed: This enables Facebook page owners to interact with their followers in a whole new way. It enables them to ask questions, programmatically reply, and more.

See the source, and the rest of the winners here.

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