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The Top Ten PenApps 2014 Entries

Penapps is a hackathon hosted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and these are the top 10 entries.

The podium at PenApps. Image obtained with thanks from Dave Fontenot.
The podium at PenApps. Image obtained with thanks from Dave Fontenot.

Winners Of The 2014 PenApps Hackathon

1: Magic Board

This is a Boosted Board controlled by a Myo armband. For me, this electrically propelled skateboard is more convenient than a Segway because it is compact. It doesn’t have to be parked or chained for security (unless you decide to put it down), and of course, electric propulsion systems like these require little to no maintenance.

This can travel 6 miles per charge, and it has a top speed of 20 mph. This is adequate for neighbourhood trips and visits to nearby stores in cities and other densely populated areas.

I always wondered how people control powered skateboards (it sounds tricky). The Myo armband controller makes this easier.

The 90-minute charge time is adequate for overnight or early morning charging.

2: PokeMMOn

This is a Pokemon massively multiplayer online game (MMO). As a long-time Pokemon fan, this sounds fun!

3: SiriKit

SiriKit kit is an extension that enables you to do more with Siri.

4: Third Eye

This is a Google Glass app that tells you what you’re looking at. This could lead to the mainstream use of facial recognition technology, which could utilize the speed and power of computer technology to quickly identify the faces of criminals and missing persons.

It could even revolutionize food labelling and identification (with modifications) by bringing up a list of all ingredients via the use of a QR code, which variant of each ingredient (for example: labels usually read ‘sugar’, which could mean several things), the amount of each nutrient, medical contraindications, and much more.

The PenApps judges should recommend this first and foremost.

5: Quitli

6: Fuji

This is a browser-based IDE which can compile any app. This may be helpful to development teams and people who alternate between multiple computers to work on one project.

7: Linklyy

This creates links via deeplinks to launch your favourite apps.

8: Scolio

This helps to detect if you have scoliosis and will connect you to a physician. Scoliosis is defined as an abnormal curvature of the spine.

9. Flare

According to Dave Fontenot: Flare ‘takes a message (text) and encodes it by flashing the screen a sequence of colors. Message is decoded by another iPhone’s camera (or several).’

10: Brocast

This enables you to stream your screen live to your friends.

This article will be updated with the official winners when the time comes.

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