Apple Warns Of Devices You Must Keep Away From Your Pacemaker

Two iPhones
iPhone 12 Mini beside an iPhone 12. Image credit: Apple.

There has been a growing trend towards slick magnetic devices that make it easier to charge or wake your devices, such as Magsafe, open-to-wake on tablets, and wireless charging pads. Apple is warning users of pacemakers to keep certain devices a ‘safe distance’ from their pacemakers to avoid complications.

The issue pertains to devices containing magnets, as they could cause magnetic interference with those medical implants. The distances they should be kept apart range from 6 inches to 12 inches depending on which magnetic device you’re using.

The devices the Cupertino company warned about are various models of iPhones and Magsafe accessories, Beats headphones, Macs and Mac accessories, iPads and iPad accessories, HomePods, Apple Watches and their accessores, as well as AirPods and their charging cases.