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Best Home Tech for Those Who Are Never Home

Does it feel like you’re constantly away from home? Maybe you put in a lot of hours at work or go on frequent business trips. Or, maybe your family just takes a lot of vacations.

Regardless, it can be stressful when it seems like you’re never home. You want to make sure your house is taken care of while you’re away.

Below are some devices and gadgets that will make it seem like you never left.

Automatic Pet Feeders

Of course, you’re not going to want to leave your dog or cat alone for more than 24 hours. These kinds of animals will thrive best in a shelter or with someone checking in on them.

More independent creatures, however, should be fine on their own for a few days. You can easily ensure the well-being of animals like fish or reptiles with the help of an automatic pet feeder.

Automatic pet feeders are great because they let you set the amount of food ahead of time. And, you can program the frequency so your fish or reptile does not overeat.

These life-changing devices allow you to enjoy your vacation or stay productive all without feeling guilty or wondering if your pet is well-fed. 

Virtual Mailboxes

When you go on vacation, you can ask the post office to hold your mail.

You can also use a virtual mailbox service. This is a little more convenient and gives you a practical tool you can use year-round.

Services like Anytime Mailbox accept your mail at any physical U.S. address. Then, the service will scan your mail so you can view it on your phone. The best part is you can manage it; the app will let you perform tasks such as sending mail elsewhere to shredding documents.


As fun and adventurous as being on the road is, sometimes you long for the clean comfort of your own home. If you didn’t have time to clean before you hit the road, you can still come home to a dust-free house. Simply set up your automatic vacuum cleaning device and allow it to work its magic while you’re away.

Depending on the specific model you invest in, some of the benefits that a Roomba offers include:

  • Automatic charging: For your Roomba to operate, you don’t need to charge it manually. Simply set up the charging dock before you leave. When your Roomba’s battery is low, it will find its way to the charging dock and charge itself.
  • Program cleaning schedules for different rooms: Some rooms acquire more dust than others. You can have your Roomba clean specific areas, like the kitchen and foyer, more deeply.
  • Remote access: You don’t have to be home to be in charge of the cleaning process. You can start, stop, pause, and cancel cleaning jobs no matter your location.

Even if you don’t have a pet, your home can be susceptible to dust due to factors like clogged HVAC filters, dry air, and other environmental factors. A Roomba helps your house stay dust-free so you don’t have to worry about your or your family member’s exposure to irritating allergens.

Portal from Facebook (or another device to speak with family members) 

While this item may not seem as functional as the previous ones, it’s important to stay connected with your loved ones back home. Maybe they have other obligations or otherwise can’t accompany you on your business trips. This doesn’t mean you should go days without speaking to them.

Consider getting a Portal from Facebook to set up in your home. This way, family members can use the Portal smart camera to keep in touch. From your phone, you can view everything your family says and does in real time. It keeps up with your kids as they move and talk, and it makes sure every individual is always in frame. Never miss a moment with the Portal from Facebook.

With these home tech gadgets, it will feel like you never left home!

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