Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Super Mario Run being played on an iPhone 7

iOS 13 Reminds Users That Apps Are Tracking Them

As of iOS 13, your iPhone doesn't readily grant apps the ability to track your location all the time (it used to ask and then you could select the option to...
Smartphone with a lock and key on it

Introduction To Cryptography

Cryptography is something that we all depend on at least indirectly (it protects your online banking activity and your credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive information), but it is a...
Cryptocurrency Coins

What Is Crypto Mining Malware?

Mining malware has been on the rise and more hackers discover that they can make money easily by mining cryptocurrencies. Mining cryptocurrencies is not a no-brainer for everyone because it costs...
Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Android Vulnerability Lets Hackers Take Over Your Camera

A security vulnerability in some Android phones allows attackers to access your camera app and invade your privacy (it can even get location data from the photos it takes). The vulnerability...

What are the 5 Best Ways to Burglarproof your Home?

While there are some state-of -the-art security systems that might cost you an arm and a leg, securing your home from burglars and petty thieves doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. Owning...
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Compromised Emails Are One Of Your Greatest Security Threats

A compromised e-mail account is one of the greatest security threats you face online. It can lead to robbery, a complete takeover of your social media accounts, theft of your games and in-app purchases, among other things!
Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Be Unlocked With Invalid Fingerprints

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone has a faulty fingerprint sensor that approves unregistered fingerprints (meaning a thief can unlock your phone, even if they don't have your prints). A software...
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Blockchain And The Right To Be Forgotten

Blockchain has been making waves in the media and at the table in many companies for its ability to offer immutability and tamper evidence, reduced data corruption, enhanced security, among other...