Jackson, Tennessee Looking To Mine, Invest In, Pay Employees With Bitcoin

A fake coin
An artist's rendition of an Ethereum coin (remember that these are not real, they only exist for their aesthetic appeal). Image credit: volodymyrshtun/Bigstock.com

The city of Jackson, Tennessee is exploring the possibility of investing in and utilizing Bitcoin in various ways. They’re interested in mining Bitcoin, as well as paying employees with cryptocurrencies including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Jackson’s mayor Scott Conger put up a ‘laser eyes’ photo on his Twitter profile in support of Bitcoin.

He tweeted that local governments will ‘lead the way’ to Bitcoin adoption and help usher in new, more sustainable economies that help to reduce wealth disparity. This decision follows Miami mayor Francis Suarez’s move to allow residents to pay taxes with cryptocurrency, and to pay salaries with it as well. Conger tweeted Suarez saying ‘I’m just following your lead!’, and Suarez retweeted Conger’s new laser eye profile picture.