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Older Samsung Galaxy Watches Getting Irregular Heartbeat Feature

Earlier, Samsung announced a new ECG feature for Galaxy smartwatches that could notify you if you have an irregular heartbeat. Now, some older watches such as the Galaxy Watch 5 will get that feature for free as well.

The irregular heartbeat feature is something that has saved the lives of Apple Watch users multiple times and made waves in the news. Heart problems are incredibly common around the world and many people have lost their lives without even knowing about their heart problems before hand. This is why it is helpful to have these features built right into a device that you wear all day.

Smartwatches have transitioned from being considered a gimmick to being a sound health decision that is worthy of the high price tag. Other smartwatch features such as blood oxygen testing, exercise reminders, activity tracking, reminders to get up and move around, among other features may be helping people to stave off health problems. Automated technology is tremendously powerful if it is used for good.

Irregular heartbeat notifications are also useful when people are busy and less likely to notice or pay attention to developing health problems. It’s important to note that while irregular heartbeat notifications on your wrist are quite useful — you still need to get checkups periodically to see if any cardiac or other issues are developing. These fitness devices are not meant to replace healthcare professionals.

The irregular heartbeat monitoring feature will be available in the following countries for now: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Georgia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Panama, UAE, Korea and the USA. The United Kingdom isn’t currently included. However, Samsung is working on getting approval in more countries, so this may change.

Another feature which has started trickling it’s way into smartwatches is blood glucose monitoring. Blood glucose monitoring could help detect the early onset of conditions such as diabetes so that users will see their doctors to get diagnosed and treated early.

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