Monday, March 1, 2021
Factory robot

Collaborative Robot Use in the Food and Agriculture Industry

Robotic automation has been taken to a higher level as a result of the game changing robotic models from Universal Robots known as the collaborative robots or cobots. These robots can...
Circuit board with pin plugs on it

How To Secure Loose Jumper Wires/Pin Plugs

Thus far, most of the pin plugs (jumper wires) that I have used for electrical engineering hobby projects have been loose and therefore unreliable. They slip off my development kits, my...
AMD Radeon Vega RX 64

AMD Reveals World’s First 7nm GPU: The 32GB Radeon Instinct Vega

AMD has revealed the Radeon Instinct Vega GPU with the world's first 7nm die and 32GB of HBM2 memory for machine learning and A.I. datacenter industries.
Metal 3D printer

Metal 3D Printers Will Have Massive Implications

3D printing technology has already shown the world that a fairly small desktop appliance can pop out a number of elaborate items. However, it has been limited to certain materials. Metal...

Linux Foundation Releases Open Source Acumos AI Platform

The Linux Foundation has released Acumos, an open source platform aimed at making artificial intelligence and machine learning more accessible to everyone.
Testing an EFM8 microcontroller using a multimeter.

Quick Tips For Buying The Best Multimeter (For You)

Multimeters are versatile electrical testers designed to check voltages, current, resistance, capacitance, circuit continuity among other metrics in electric circuits, depending on the model. A multimeter can't do everything, but it...

5 Things to Look For When Buying a Vane Pump

A vane pump comes in handy when you want to handle light solvents, LPG or any other substance that is used in a lab. Shopping for such a pump can be...
Nvidia Titan V GPU

Nvidia Releases The Titan V, Says It’s The ‘Most Powerful GPU Ever Created’

Nvidia has released the Titan V graphics processing unit (GPU) for a price of $2,999. The dramatic introduction touts it as the most powerful GPU ever created, with up to 110...